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Process capability

The company has a large number of PCB production, management personnel and strictly trained QA quality personnel to ensure the production of high-quality printed circuit board products, while meeting ROHS and REACH requirements. All along, the company has been absorbing excellent PCB professional and technical personnel and management personnel, constantly introducing advanced management concepts, striving to improve management level, in order to meet the greatest needs of customers for the purpose of stable quality, fast delivery speed to provide customers with first-class services.
NO Iitems Capabilities
1 Layer Counts 2-16
2 Max pannel size 22"x32"(558mmx812mm)
3 Min line space/width 3mil/3mil(0075mm/0075mm)
4 Mininner layer PAD 4mil(0.1mm)
5 Mininner layer thick 4mil(0.1mm)
6 Irner layer Cu thick 0.5-2.0 oz
7 Hole wall thusck 18-30um
8 HAL (lead    free)tinthick 150-1000u"(3.75-25um)
9 Outlayer Cuthick 0.5-2.0 oz
10 Board thick range 0.4-5.0mm
11 Board thick tolerance ±10%
12 Stackup alignment ±2mi1(±50um)
13 Min drill hole 0.15mm
14 Hole to hole position ±2mil(±50um)
15 Hole tolerance ±1mil(±25um)
16 Throughhole aspect    ratio 10:01
17 PAD alignment    accuracy 3mil/3mil(0.075mm/0.075mm)
18 Etching tolerance ±10%
19 Min soldermask bridge 3mil(0.075mm)
20 Max.plug via hole 0.5mm
21 Surface treatment    Capabilities HAL、ENIG、OSP、Carbonink、Gold
22 Max hard gold thick ≤100u"(≤2.5um)
23 ENIG thick 1-3 UM"
24 Impedance tolerance ±10%
25 Max.twist & warp ≤0.75%